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Welcome to my site. This is where I will post up some stuff on my life.

For many years blacksmithing and forge work was my main interest, which is what led to the creation of this site. However, over the last few years my life has gone through many changes. I have gotten into prepping and back into shooting regularly. Most of my blacksmithing equipment is in storage right now, as I don't have any real shop space. In the next few years I hope that will change.

Since I have gotten back into shooting I have also added a page about my target shooting activites. Back in the 90's I did a lot of competative target shooting. Over the last ccouple years I have slowly started getting back into it. Recently I re-joined SASS, USPSA and IDPA. Take a look around and enjoy yourself..

Fly Press Page

This is where I will post up info on my new fly press, the tooling I am making for it, and the projects I do with it.

Target Shooting & Reloading Page

This is where I will post up info on my shooting and reloading activites. I've actually been doing more shooting than blacksmithing lately.

Power Hammer Page
This is the page where I will document my efforts to
rebuild my Common Sense No 2 power hammer. It turned out real nice.

(SOLD, but page retained since it is the only real info on these hammers.)

2" by 72" Belt Grinder Project
Here is where I will be detailing how I am building my grinder. I think
I'm taking a new twist on an old design, and I think many will like it.
Take a look; it's all up and running now.

Original Propane Forge Construction
This page shows the first propane forge I built.

Current Projects
Check out this page to see some of the forge and blacksmithing
projects I am currently working on.

Large Propane Forge Construction Project
Check out this page to see how I built my larger propane forge

Art Projects
This is where I will feature my blacksmithed & forged art projects.

Freon Tank Propane Forge Construction
Here is where I will detail the construction of my new freon tank forge.

My ramblings and assorted thoughts etc.

Coal Forge Construction
This page shows the construction of my brake drum coal forge.

Check out this page for some links to pages I like.

My Shop
You can check out my shop here. It is very much under construction,
both the shop and the page.

Bronze Casting Page
Check out what Deb and I did in class last year.

Another forge page coming soon. I'm currently building a 3
burner forge that is very different from the ones I have done
before. Check back soon and I should have a page started.

Other Stuff
Here is where I will put up other stuff that has nothing to do with
blacksmithing, but I just think it should be up on the net.

Ojai Pirate Festival
Here are some pics of my set up at the Ojai Pirate Festival.

Contact Info
Click here to find out how to get in touch with me.

I had to remove my guest book because of the damn spammers. I love hearing from people who find the site
interesting, so please drop me an email if you like the site, or if you have some suggestions.


This is a fire place set I made for my sister for Christmas several years ago. This is the first fireplace set I have ever done, and I am very proud of it, but when I look back at it now I see so many things I would do differently. Click the picture to go to the projects page where I have more detailed pics.

Alien Flora

Here is my first ever piece of pure art. Before this everything I ever made did something. This is the first thing that had no purpose but to look cool.

This is a bud vase I made. At first I just bought the crystal rose bud, then I came up with the idea for the vase. Click the image to go to the page with more detailed pics.
This is a basket twist candle holder I made for my niece. The wire rap ended up being the hardest part of it. Click the image to see more of it.

Here is my first propane forge. If your interested in buying one please send me an email or call me and we can discuss what you want and the cost. Go to the contact info page for my number and email address.

Here is the first rose I have ever done. I'm pretty happy with it, and I think I will be doing many more of them in the future.
This in an end shot of that first forge with both doors open. How-To DVD Rental

I rent a lot of DVD's from SmartFlix. I highly recommend them for blacksmithing and other do it yourself videos.

Site Last Updated: November 11th 2013

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